Chelsea 2021-22 Fan Edition Home Replica Soccer Jerseys

When releasing the new Replica Soccer Jerseys, the soccer also abolished the previous team’s “home” and “away” soccer jersey naming methods. Starting from the 2017-18 season, the home and away teams can choose the soccer jersey version they want to wear at will. Of course, the away team must choose the corresponding soccer jersey version according to the home team’s choice.

In particular, this Replica Soccer Jerseys is made of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester (approximately 20 recycled plastic bottles are used for each soccer jersey). This kind of spinning not only represents NIKE’s consistent commitment to sustainable development, but also helps athletes wick away sweat quickly and stay dry and comfortable.

Replica Soccer Jerseys

In response to this change, NIKE and the soccer have created 4 core soccer jerseys for each team, inspired by the deep heritage of the soccer and each team. Association Edition (Association Edition): the traditional white home Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys, which is also the version used by 30 teams;

Classic Edition (Icon Edition): The away soccer jersey, representing the deep heritage and iconic identity of each team, including the team’s traditional color scheme; Retro Edition: It is currently reported that 8 soccer teams will have it next season The retro soccer jersey is a tribute to the iconic Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys in the history of the league. The team can choose to wear it at an appropriate time.

Replica Soccer Jerseys

In addition to the soccer jersey, NIKE will also launch a series of supporting products including leggings and socks to provide a complete look for athletes in this league. The Replica Jerseys is an indispensable equipment for football players. This soccer jersey is a mark of the team’s growth and a symbol of honor. Each soccer jersey has its own story. Today, let’s talk about the story of the soccer jersey. Of course, as a Chinese, let’s talk about the story of the Chinese team’s soccer jersey.

The Chinese team has cooperated with Adidas since the early 1980s. The soccer jerseys that Adidas involved in the national football team did not use the same care as it did when designing strong teams in Europe and the United States.

Replica Soccer Jerseys

The style of this team’s obedience is almost a reproduction of the style of the former Soviet Union. Just replaced the CCCP on the chest with the word Chinese. Wearing this Replica Jerseys, the Chinese team not only had the unbearable experience of the “519” tragedy, but also had the glory of beheading the Japanese team in Tokyo in 1987 and entering the 88 Olympic Games.