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The jerseys are divided into low to high grades: Replica, Swingman, Authentic, Procut, Game issued and Game used. The Replica version of the NBA Replica MLB Jerseys is commonly known as the replica Replica MLB Jerseys. Replica referred to as REP is the offset version of the Replica Jerseys: the team logo, player names and numbers are printed on the Replica MLB Jerseys with rubber, and the details of the offset Replica MLB Jerseys are simplified. Therefore, the price of the offset version of the Replica MLB Jerseys is lower, about 180-300 yuan.

Swingman is abbreviated as SW, which is the fan version Replica MLB Jerseys, with the same style as the player version. The Replica MLB Jerseys fabric is all mesh, single layer, number and name, and team name are all stitched on with motor embroidery. Compared with the re-engraved version of the Replica MLB Jerseys, it has more three-dimensional effect, and the price ranges from 380-700 yuan.

Replica MLB Jerseys

Authentic abbreviated as AU is a high-end Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys version for fans, which is almost the same as the actual version of the players on the field. AU Replica MLB Jerseys embroidery is very particular, and different colors use different levels of embroidery. The player numbers are sewn into single or multi-layered front and back diagonals. The player names and numbers are embroidered. Different colors are embroidered in layers with different cloths, which is very layered and three-dimensional.

G-Game Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys: First of all, all Gs are Pro Cut, where Pro Cut means tailor-made, or G in a more general sense; Procut is a kind of between AU and GI, material and AU , GI, GU, the price is basically between AU and GI.

Replica MLB Jerseys

Top special edition high-end Replica MLB Jerseys Online top workmanship and fabric is a special version for players’ real games. Because it is really worn by NBA players, Pro Cut has only one size, which is the size that the player wears. The details are similar to the player version. , But the font number position is slightly higher than AU. For a certain game Replica MLB Jerseys of a certain player, from high-end to low-end, G is divided into: 1. GU-Game used: Replica MLB Jerseys used in the game, that is, the Replica MLB Jerseys worn by the player in the game; the subscript is generally noted There are seasons, that is, the Replica MLB Jerseys worn by the player in the game has the highest collection value.

Replica MLB Jerseys

GI-Game issued: The spare Replica MLB Jerseys Online for the game is the Replica MLB Jerseys that has been hung in the team’s locker room. The price is generally 1000 to 2000 or 2000+. 3.TI-Team issued: Simply put, GIs of different sizes are also equipped with meigray certificates. GU, GI, and TI are all made by Team, which means that GU and GI also belong to TI; 4.PC-Pro Cut: The definition of Pro Cut is very broad, and the extension is extremely vague. Generally, as long as it is not certain that it is GU, they are all Called Pro Cut. Even some foreigners will combine Pro Cut/Game issued. So foreigners often use the term Pro Cut a lot. So if you see a foreigner saying that this Replica MLB Jerseys is Pro Cut, it can only mean that it is not GU.